Our Mission

The word Samadhi [ suh-mah-dee ] is an Indian Sanskrit word referring to the process of joining all aspects of who we are -- physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally -- to attain a state of heightened concentration and awareness. Poker Samadhi is the achievement of this heightened state when playing poker, allowing you to get in, and stay in, the zone. However, as many poker players know, playing the game of poker is like playing the game of life...both are challenging without a guide or mentor to help you along the way.

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Danielle Striker

Chief Guru, Chief Executive Officer

Bad beats come in poker and in life. Having survived numerous bad beats in life, poker gave Danielle’s life new meaning, and gave her the opportunity to help others thrive when faced with challenging situations.

Danielle’s love of poker and of life led her to create Poker Samadhi, to help others play their best game and live their best life.

Susan Kennedy

Chief Marketing Guru

Susan has over 25 years of experience helping digital marketing and cyber security organizations win in business. She has held product leadership roles at companies including Neustar, Inc., Experian Interactive and Symantec Corp. An avid world traveler (pre-COVID-19 anyway) and lover of wine, poker and life, Susan holds degrees in both Economics and International Relations.

Andrea Kennedy

Chief Creative Guru

Andrea is the creative talent behind the Poker Samadhi brand, website, merchandise and social media presence. With extensive experience in brand development and consumer marketing, Andrea's passion lies in all things design, startups...and dogs! With degrees in both Communications and Spanish, Andrea joined Poker Samadhi with one goal in mind -- to better people's lives.