Play Poker Like a Pigeon (And Take The Money Home)

Play Poker Like a Pigeon (And Take The Money Home)

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Author: by Anonymous

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 224

Publisher: Lyle Stuart

Release Date: 27-03-2007

Details: The author claims to have made his living for the last 30+ years as a limit hold em player in casinos. In this book, he speaks to his own playing style and how it allows him to float in and out of games without leaving any sort of lasting impression except that he got extremely lucky. He offers up a couple tips on how to give the table the impression that you are a pigeon (fish, basically). They include playing a small pot to showdown after raising with a trash hand from early position, accidentally knocking your cards face up as they go into the muck so the players can see the trash you cold called an EP raise with, and a couple more. Positives about the book: He's funny. He's a good writer. This was a huge deal to me because so many poker books read like a textbook (*cough*Sklansky*cough*) and it's a chore to get through those books, even if there is much to be learned. He mixes in some very entertaining stories, but not for the sake of it. He ties them into the overall theme of that chapter pretty well. Negatives about the book: Not many. The only ones for me were the chapters that didn't teach me anything new, although I think many can take something away from chapters on bankroll management and odds. He makes it more fun than Sklansky ever could and the meat and potatoes of the chapter are just as good as a Sklansky book.

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